The milky radiance of the crystal represents tenderness, and is particularly considered to convey enthusiasts closer alongside one another. Moonstone is actually a magical stone that connects you for your divine feminine and internal Goddess.                                   produced per year throughout the minin… Read More

You'll find a few two 12mm Portuguese fantastic flower cut blue lab sapphire trillions accessible. One particular is an extremely mild blue, and two are 1 is often a medium Kashmir blue with exceptional clarity and really good sparkle.At Dreamland Jewelry we offer an array of alternatives with regards to style and design. With our well crafted and … Read More

Though Azurite will get its identify within the term azure, this means blue, the Strength it blesses you with can have you feeling just about anything but blue. Azurite is frequently called the “Stone from the Heavens,” because it aids while in the pursuit of the heavenly self. It is believed to awaken psychic qualities, supporting you to ackno… Read More

It is a stone that combines properly with any of the crown chakra, 3rd eye chakra and throat chakra stones, which includes other mystical stones such as Chalcopyrite, Hypersthene and Bowenite.The vibration of Labradorite crystal encourages you to acknowledge your destiny, and also to provide jointly all areas which you require from the several plan… Read More

Labradorite is grey to grey-black with vibrant iridescence, or spectral "labradorescence". This can be a results of diffraction of sunshine in the levels of rock. Well known shades are royal blue and multicolor.You can know that currently being inside a partnership is not an escape from your challenges, your fears, and also your insecurities. You'l… Read More